Pharmacy Technicians and Assistants

SHPA is committed to advocating for the growth of technician and pharmacy assistant roles, as part of efforts to advance Australia’s pharmacy workforce. In 2017, technicians were welcomed as voting members of SHPA and they remain crucial partners in pharmacy care.

Your professional community

SHPA helps you stay connected and informed and gives you opportunities to share and pool your knowledge and views amongst a diverse and experienced professional community through a variety of channels.

A strong voice for your profession, recognition and support

Drawing on your ideas and expertise, SHPA advocates for the expansion of Pharmacy Technician and Assistant roles and greater support for your services. 

Additionally, SHPA recognises the contribution technicians and assistants make to their profession through SHPA Awards, and provides professional and personal support throughout your career with Wellness at Work Webinar Series, leadership and management workshops and seminars, and a strong alliance with Pharmacist's Support Service

The SHPA Technicians and Assistants Specialty Practice stream

In June 2020 SHPA opened self-enrolment into the Technicians and Assistants Specialty Practice stream. Join technicians, assistants and hospital pharmacists from across the country in shared learning and advocacy for the profession, driving SHPA’s efforts to support pharmacy technician participation and impact across a range of ward-based administrative, supply, technical and cognitive activities.

To join this stream, ensure you are logged into the Online CPD website via the log-in status at the top right of the screen in order to view the self-enrol option. (If you have any difficulty logging in, contact us at

Career development resources

Develop and refresh your knowledge with our wide range of online, Branch and national CPD opportunities.

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Australian Pharmacy Technician Day

Hospital pharmacy technicians are integral to Australia’s hospital pharmacy workforce. While roles and responsibilities of technicians vary from hospital-to-hospital and state-to-state, the focus is the same: delivering precise technical services as an essential part of hospital pharmacy departments focused on patient care.

The next Australian Pharmacy Technician Day will be celebrated on Tuesday 17 October 2023.