What is ANZCAP? 

The Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy (ANZCAP) is a landmark initiative recognising the career progress and specialisation of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working across Australia and New Zealand, mapped to relevant national competency standards and developed by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) in partnership with the New Zealand Hospital Pharmacy Association (NZHPA).

ANZCAP recognition confers the use of professional post-nominals, and recognition portfolios at Registrar and Consultant level can be mapped to one or two of 46 areas of specialty pharmacy practice. View guidelines on the use of ANZCAP post-nominals.

What are the levels of ANZCAP recognition? 

ANZCAP offers recognition as a Resident Pharmacist, Registrar Pharmacist or Consultant Pharmacist (Fellow). Read more about the descriptions of the three recognition levels, including related specialty areas of practice and post-nominals, and associated pricing schedule for portfolio validation and annual renewal.

How do I access ANZCAP? 

Any registered pharmacist in Australia or New Zealand can access ANZCAP through Direct ANZCAP Membership ($120 per year), register and login at

If you have a currently active SHPA Membership, you can access ANZCAP at no cost via your Member Dashboard.

If you have a currently active NZHPA Membership, and have not received your free access information, contact NZHPA.

How does ANZCAP work? 

ANZCAP comprises three programs:

Foundation Program

The Foundation Program allows you to attain recognition as either a Resident Pharmacist, Registrar Pharmacist or Consultant Pharmacist (Fellow) through evidence of prior professional experience, without the requirement to submit a portfolio.

A 25% saving on your initial recognition is available through the Foundation Program. View criteria and eligibilty below, and full information via the ANZCAP Info Hub including resources and templates.

Please note: access to the Foundation Program has closed for new applications in Australia. Access for New Zealand pharmacists will close 31 August 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: the years of experience provided for each recognition level are a guide to how long it may take individuals to reach a given level.

It may take some pharmacists more or less time to gain the skills and competence needed to perform at a particular level.

Look at the ANZCAP recognition descriptions alongside the criteria provided here to help you determine at which level you are practicing.

Resident - ANZCAP-Res.


  • Completion of a Foundation Residency < 2 years ago
  • 3-4 years experience as a registered pharmacist


  1. Up-to-date CV
  2. Letter of support from team leader or member of organisation/ department leadership team

Registrar - ANZCAP-Reg.


  • Completion of a Foundation Residency program ≥ 2 years ago
  • Completion of an Advanced Training Residency < 2 years ago
  • 5–8 years’ experience as a registered pharmacist with ≥ 2 years of this experience in any 1-2 specialty area/s you want recognised


  1. Up to date CV
  2. Letter of support from Director of Pharmacy/Chief Pharmacist/Pharmacy Owner (or equivalent)
  3. Personal statement

Consultant - FANZCAP


  • Completion of an Advanced Training Residency ≥ 2 year ago
  • > 8 years’ experience as a registered pharmacist with ≥ 3 years of this in a specialty area (for recognition as a consultant in that specialty)


  1. Up to date CV
  2. Letters of support from:
    1. Director of Pharmacy/Chief Pharmacist/Pharmacy Owner (or equivalent)
    2. a senior inter-professional colleague (preferably medical) in nominated specialty area
  3. Personal statement

Can I select more than two areas of specialty practice?

No. You can select one, or a maximum of two areas of specialty practice.

How many letters of support do I need to provide if I want to apply for two specialty areas?

A minimum of two letters of support are required from within pharmacy and externally. You may choose to ask for letters of support from interdisciplinary colleagues in both areas if you feel that one person isn’t able to properly provide support for both.

I am being recognised in two specialty areas, does this change my recognition fee?

No. Costs do not change for the individual based on how many specialties are recognised.

Independent Program

The Independent Program is open to all Australian and New Zealand pharmacists – and to Pharmacy Technicians in late 2024 – providing the full functionality of ANZCAP.

If you have been recognised as a Resident Pharmacist or Registrar Pharmacist through the Foundation Program, you can continue your journey by building a recognition portfolio toward the next recognition via the Independent Program.

ANZCAP is based on managing your Learning Experiences (LX) Library.

LXs are types of workplace-based assessment that can be planned, drafted and then completed through one of three forms of LX validation:

  • Autonomous: independently documents the LX, self-evaluate and self-reflect on your professional learning experience.
  • Collaborative: engage with professional peers to document evaluation, feedback and guided reflection on your professional experience.
  • Endorsed: autonomously document and self-reflect on your professional learning experience that has an established peer review or peer recognition process as part of the activity.

In the Independent Program you allocate validated LXs to your currently active Recognition Portfolio.

Your portfolio is ready for submission when 40 LXs have been completed and allocated: a minimum of 10 Core LXs / maximum of 30 Elective LXs.

Core LXs and Elective LXs are required to ensure an appropriate spread of competency domains are covered in the composition of your recognition portfolio, enabling you to submit for recognition.

Don’t worry about keeping track of Core and Elective LXs; the ANZCAP platform does this for you, with progress dials showing how far you have to go!

Training Programs

Training Programs are coming in 2024, providing fast-track two-year recognition at Resident Pharmacist and Registrar Pharmacist level via structured, accredited workplace-based pathways, recorded and submitted via the ANZCAP platform.

What are the benefits of ANZCAP recognition?

ANZCAP empowers pharmacists and technicians as they advance in their careers or move between workplace settings, by recognising their growth in experience and expertise.

Access to ANZCAP (through SHPA/NZHPA membership or Direct ANZCAP membership) unlocks access to the intuitive digital platform that enables pharmacists and technicians to seamlessly plan and record evidence of their practice progression.

Users can collate portfolios aligned with one or two of 46 specialty disciplines and submit for recognition and/or export for personal and professional use.  

Upon recognition, ANZCAP provides digital assets through which your achievement can be displayed, including via certificate, post-nominals, email signature and social media tile, which can be shared with colleagues or used in CVs, professional profiles and for job applications.

ANZCAP will also facilitate structured programs across practice settings – Resident Training Programs and Registrar Training Programs – with a Technician Training Program coming in 2024.

Also in 2024, ANZCAP will facilitate networks based on each recognition level, supported with tailored social and networking events, webinars and other benefits.

Can I gain ANZCAP recognition without SHPA or NZHPA membership?

Yes. While full SHPA and NZHPA members have ANZCAP access included in their annual membership, ANZCAP also offers a Direct ANZCAP Membership that gives access to this functionality only.

Fees for recognition validation and annual renewal are different between SHPA/NZHPA members and Direct ANZCAP members. See: Pricing schedule.

Are ANZCAP recognitions industry recognised in Australia and New Zealand?

Yes. All ANZCAP recognition portfolios are mapped to the National Competency Standard Framework for Pharmacists in Australia, 2016 and the Competence Standards for Aotearoa New Zealand Pharmacists, 2023.

Where do I begin? 

Once you have access via Direct ANZCAP Membership, or SHPA/NZHPA membership, familiarise yourself with key concepts and processes via our explainer video: 

View a range of detailed article and how-to guides via the ANZCAP Info Hub + Help Centre.