Peer Assessment (Mini-PATs)

Be propelled by your peers!

Peer assessment is a powerful way to learn more about your professional performance.  It provides feedback on an individual’s skills, attitude, and behaviour in professional practice. 

SHPA is offering pharmacists and technicians, at all stages of their careers, the opportunity to harness the benefits of a 360° assessment known as the Mini Peer Assessment Tool (Mini-PAT). 

What is a Mini-PAT? 

The Mini-PAT is a peer assessment tool, a form of multi-source feedback or 360° assessment. It provides feedback on an individual’s professional performance, skills, attitude and behaviour.

The Mini-PAT comprises both a self-assessment and the collated ratings from a range of your co-workers, using the same structured Mini-PAT questionnaire. Nominated co-workers' feedback is collated and de-identified.

Discussion about the evaluation report with a manager or pharmacy educator will assist in identifying areas where you are performing well, or where further development may be indicated. This can then facilitate the preparation of an action plan for development.

Where there is a disparity between your self-assessment and the peer evaluation, more detailed discussion may be required to determine the differences in perceptions of performance. 

How does it work? 

To begin the process, you will need to select a group of observers who will provide their feedback on your workplace capabilities and behaviours during the past 6–12 months.

Using the same structured questionnaire, the Mini-PAT facilitates a multi-source – or 360° – evaluation, comprising your self-assessment and collated feedback from your nominated colleagues (de-identified).

A minimum of four responses are required for the feedback to be meaningful. The feedback from the questionnaire is used to generate an evaluation report on your professional performance, skills, attitude, and behaviour.

The report can be used to identify areas in which you are performing well, or where further development may be required, and will include comments and ratings from the self-assessment, plus collated comments and ratings (mean score) from your nominated colleagues. All comments and ratings will be de-identified. The confidentiality of your colleagues will be strictly maintained.

Booking details

  • SHPA members: $195 (incl GST)
  • Non-members:  $245 (incl GST) 
  • Save up to 20% when purchasing five or more Mini-PATs for your team – contact to request a quote.

For more information and to commence your SHPA Mini-PAT process, please email

Terms and conditions 

  • Privacy as per Privacy Policy
  • Full payment must be received prior to receiving the guidelines and templates
  • Once you have received the documentation, no cancellations can be made, and no refund is available
  • SHPA will endeavour to meet your timeline for report development, but this cannot be guaranteed