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eBook Library

Containing key reference texts identified by SHPA members, the eBook library, accessible via EBSCOHost includes 32 current pharmacy ebooks from Australia, the UK and USA. These ebooks cover formulary, law, research, pharmacokinetics and many specialist interest areas of clinical pharmacy.

  • Adverse Drug Reactions: Uetrecht, Jack P. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology series, Vol. 196. 2010
  • Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice: Hattingh, Laetitia; Forrester, Kim; Low, John. 2nd Edition. 2013
  • Basic Pharmacokinetics: Jambhekar, Sunil S.; Breen, Philip J. 2nd Edition. 2012 
  • Best Practices for Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy 2012-2013: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Edition: 2012-2013. 2012
  • BNF 80 September 2020: British Medical Association; Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. 2020
  • BNF for Children 2020-2021: Paediatric Formulary Committee; British Medical Association; Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health; Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group. 2020
  • Conducting Your Pharmacy Practice Research Project: A Step-Bensboy-Step Approach: Smith, Felicity. 2nd Edition. 2010
  • Drugs and the Liver: A Guide to Drug Handling in Liver Dysfunction: North-Lewis, Penny. 2008. 
  • Evidence-Based Practice of Palliative Medicine: Goldstein, Nathan E.; Morrison, R. Sean. 2013
  • FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy: Nathan, Alan. Fasttrack Series. 2nd Edition. 2012
  • Handbook of Extemporaneous Preparation - A Guide to Pharmaceutical Compounding: Lowey, Andrew; Jackson, Mark; NHS Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Committee. 2010
  • Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 1 - An Evidence-Based Guide: Braun, Lesley; Cohen, Marc. Herbs and Natural Supplements Series, Volume 1. 4th Edition. 2015
  • Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 2 - An Evidence-Based Guide: Braun, Lesley; Cohen, Marc. Herbs and Natural Supplements Series, Volume 2. 4th Edition. 2015
  • Hospital Pharmacy: Stephens, Martin. 2nd Edition. 2011
  • How to Read a Paper - The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine: Greenhalgh, Trisha. 5th Edition. 2014
  • Injectable Drugs Guide: Gray, Alistair Howard. 2011
  • Integrated Pharmacy Case Studies: Francis, Sally-Anne; Malkinson, John; Smith, Felicity. 2015.
  • Introduction to Renal Therapeutics: Morlidge, Clare; Ashley, Caroline. 2008
  • Medicines Use Reviews : A Practical Guide: Youssef, Susan. 2010.
  • Minor Illness or Major Disease?: Addison, Brian. 5th Edition. 2012
  • Neonatal Formulary: Drug Use in Pregnancy and the First Year of Life: Ainsworth, Sean Brian. 7th Edition. 2014
  • Oxford American Handbook of Hospice and Palliative Medicine: Yennurajalingam, Sriram; Bruera, Eduardo. Oxford American Handbooks in Medicine Series. 2011 
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy: Wiffen, Phil. Oxford Handbook Series. 2nd Edition. 2012
  • Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics: Tasker, Robert C.; McClure, Robert J.; Acerini, Carlo L. Oxford Handbook Series. 2nd Edition. 2013
  • Paediatric Injectable Drugs (The Teddy Bear Book): Phelps, Stephanie J.; American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Pediatric Injectable Drugs Series. 10th Edition. 2013
  • Pharmacy Case Studies: Raymond, Rebekah; Dhillon, Soraya. 2009. 
  • Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy: Florence, Alexander T.; Attwood, David. 5th Edition. 2011
  • Principles of Clinical Pharmacology: Atkinson, Arthur J. 3rd Edition. 2012
  • Symptoms in the Pharmacy - A Guide to the Management of Common Illnesses: Blenkinsopp, Alison; Paxton, Paul; Blenkinsopp, John. 2014 
  • The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry: Taylor, David; Kapur, Shitij; Paton, Carol; South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. 12th Edition. 2015
  • Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests: Wu, Alan H. B. St. Louis, Mo. 2006 
  • UCL Hospitals Injectable Medicines Administration Guide - Pharmacy Department: University College London Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust. 3rd Edition. 2010


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