Statement on Accredited Pharmacists

As one of two national accrediting bodies, SHPA is committed to recognising and supporting the unique expertise of Accredited Pharmacists, and the crucial role they play upholding quality use of medicines and medication safety for patients who are at risk of medication-related harm and hospitalisation. In step with national accreditation:

  • As of 1 July 2022, SHPA will waive our annual re-accreditation fees (a saving of $170 for members, and $220 for non-members)
    • If you renewed from 1 July and 19 August, we will refund your re-accreditation fee (we will contact you directly to arrange a refund if it applies)
  • AACP members who moved their accreditation to SHPA will no longer be required to sit the 3-yearly MCQ exam
  • SHPA accredited pharmacists who are BCPS or BCGP certified will no longer be required to maintain this certification to remain accredited (original certification still required)
  • All accredited pharmacists will be required to provide evidence of 60 CPD credits relevant to their scope of practice annually
  • Any SHPA members who let their accreditation lapse since 1 July 2019 can pay a one off fee of $165 to reinstate their accreditation (regardless of whether their BPS certification is still in date)
  • We extend an invitation to all accredited pharmacists to join SHPA, through which we recognise your existing accreditation and confer the postnominal ‘AcSHP’.


SHPA remains proudly independent and patient-centred, guided by clinical evidence and the experiences of our members, who provide care directly to Australia’s most vulnerable and acutely unwell.­­

SHPA represents the needs of pharmacists with medicine expertise who work as part of interdisciplinary teams to improve the safety and quality of care for older Australians in hospitals, residential aged care facilities and in the community.